Join us on Saturday!

100 Minutes War and Novice Day are this Saturday, and we are expecting nigh on a dozen Royals to be in attendance! Come for the fighting or for the displays! There will be both Peer and Populace votes for the Novice Day Arts and Sciences competition in the Main Hall, so show off your best or most recent project. As this is a Novice event, mild documentation is encouraged but not at all required.

There will be a heraldic consult table available for those looking to talk to a herald about period names or armory. The table will be located on the field near the tourney field. Mistress Alys Mackyntoich will continue her wildly appreciated efforts in heraldry.

In other news, tonight’s Monday Fencing Practice and Arts&Sciences Meeting was well-attended and congenial.

The tables are excellent for laying out and modifying patterns.
Who needs legs…
En garde!
“The whole body’s a target!”
“You mean I can stab him in the foot?”
“Which part of ‘the whole body is a target’ didn’t you understand?”