A Missive from Maestra Ana de Guzmán

Greetings to the Shire, The last meeting on April 24, I cut pieces for the Queen’s favors to be made, and gave some pieces and  pattern tracing paper along with the favor assembly instructions to our intrepid webminister after she had portioned the tracing paper. I had intended to start some on my own, and A Missive from Maestra Ana de Guzmán

Her Majesty’s Favor

Greetings to the Shirefolk, I am hoping that whichever holiday you hold dear has been good and fulfilling for you. I have only just gotten a look at the details for Her Majesty Caoilfionn’s favor for her third reign, and am placing the link here: Queen’s Favors on Google Drive I have some blue linen, Her Majesty’s Favor