A Missive from Maestra Ana de Guzmán

Greetings to the Shire,

The last meeting on April 24, I cut pieces for the Queen’s favors to be made, and gave some pieces and  pattern tracing paper along with the favor assembly instructions to our intrepid webminister after she had portioned the tracing paper. I had intended to start some on my own, and get more tracing paper to make some kits for gentles to pick up at later meetings, when work issues arose and took some of my attention away.

Also, the date for Novice Day has been confirmed to be Saturday 06/24. That said, I will still bring the remainder of the fabric to be cut, and will make basic kit packages to be handed out at future meetings, but tomorrow’s meeting of 05/08 will also consist of discussing Novice Day’s Arts & Sciences component. I have received consent from her next of kin to name a memorial chalice/loving cup after Magistra Isabeau d’Orleans, so a budget for procuring this cup, and where to get it, will be among the first things to square away.

Yesterday’s Crown Tournament was held across the river in Ostgardr. Congratulations to our new Prince and Consort, Matthias Grunewald and Aesa feilinn Jossursdottir! I would be remiss if I did not mention the hard work under pressure of Lady Triona MacCasky of Bhakail, who provided the calligraphy and illumination for the Silver Wheel award scroll of our Shire’s own Herr Wilhelm von Freiburg. She was finishing the original scroll when a slip of the wrist resulted in the scraping blade going through the original scroll. The scroll that was presented at court was made in 24 hours, the illumination was done on Friday, the calligraphy was finished on site, and the scroll presented to their Majesties to sign with maybe 30 minutes to spare. 

M. Ana de Guzmán 

Arts & Sciences Minister, Rusted Woodlands