Wanted! People who love the SCA!

Do you love the SCA enough to engage with people not in the Society? Can you describe or demonstrate what you love and what you do in the Society? Are you free any of these three weekends: September 9/10, September 16/17, and September 23/24? If the answer is yes, read on! As part of the Wanted! People who love the SCA!

Monday Updates

Greetings, Woodlanders! I bring you updates on both Arts & Sciences and Fencing tonight. Arts & Sciences: Her Majesty’s Favors Maestra Ana de Guzman brought some blue linen, pattern tracing paper, scissors, a cutting board, and the image for the Queen’s Favor for Her Majesty Caoilfhionn. Cutting happened, and there are kits available. Contact Maestra Monday Updates

Watch this space!

Coming soon: A Missive from Maestra Ana de Guzmán Greetings, folk of the Shire, I strained my left Achilles tendon last week, so I shall be cancelling the upcoming Hawthorne A&S gathering on Monday 01/09 because those stairs would not do me any favors at this time. The following Monday 01/16 is the MLK holiday Watch this space!


If you have pictures or stories from 100 Minutes War / Novice Day, please send them to webminister@rustedwoodlands.eastkingdom.org

Join us on Saturday!

100 Minutes War and Novice Day are this Saturday, and we are expecting nigh on a dozen Royals to be in attendance! Come for the fighting or for the displays! There will be both Peer and Populace votes for the Novice Day Arts and Sciences competition in the Main Hall, so show off your best Join us on Saturday!

Fencing Practices

Alas, your humble Correspondent has been unable to attend practices these past two weeks due to cowardly attacks from her own immune system.1 However! Word has reached me that there will be a Demo at the Ridgewood YMCA on October 22nd. Details will be shared as soon as I know more… 1(In other words, my Fencing Practices