Missives from Maestra (6/30/2024)

Greetings to the Shire, I said I would give credit where credit is due for the musicians who showed up to provide music for Novice Day. Lord Drustan of Old Stonebridges coordinated a bardic/musicians presence that was much appreciated. My thanks go to him, to Pan Mikhail Reubenovic Kopaczewski, and to one Úlfarr Gylðir. The virtual class Missives from Maestra (6/30/2024)


A WORD GAME WITH NO RHYME(BUT PLENTY OF REASON) On June 12th, we gathered in Google Meet to learn about poetry! Maestra Ana de Guzman presented a short overview of the Sestina form (originally from 12th century Occitania), including examples. Warning: positively lewd innuendo included. Our next gathering will be on June 26th. See the THE SESTINA:

Missive from Maestra Ana

The first Arts and Sciences virtual gathering actually happened with little by way of hiccups. It was a small gathering, but we were able to discuss what subjects would be covered for future gatherings. The second gathering was also small, a relaxed session of realizing that showing stitches before a small camera was an awkward enterprise, Missive from Maestra Ana

We Have a Date!

100 Minutes War 2024 will be on November 23rd at Camp Sacajawea (251 White Lake Rd, SPARTA, NJ 07871). Start planning now!

Good News!

We seem to have solved the technical issues with Google Meet. So! We will again attempt to gather online to work and learn on the second and fourth Wednesdays of May and June. Join us at 7:30pm!

More Updates!

Almost two weeks ago, I attempted to hold the Shire’s first virtual A&S gathering. I was unable to go in or let people in, and for this I beg forgiveness. I immediately went into the shire’s respective Facebook pages, let gentles know what happened, and perforce cancelled the meeting. Our intrepid webminister and I have since More Updates!

April Updates

We have some details on upcoming events! The April Shire business meeting will be at 8pm on the 22nd, via Google Meet. We will try again to have an online Arts & Sciences get-together at 7:30pm on the 24th. Fifth Monday will be on April 29th at the Oakland American Legion. If the weather cooperates, April Updates