Join us on Saturday!

100 Minutes War and Novice Day are this Saturday, and we are expecting nigh on a dozen Royals to be in attendance! Come for the fighting or for the displays! There will be both Peer and Populace votes for the Novice Day Arts and Sciences competition in the Main Hall, so show off your best Join us on Saturday!

Monday Update

Alas, Dear Reader! Your humble correspondent has been laid low by a miserable cold and is therefore unable, for a second week in a row, to bring you glad tidings of our fair Shire’s Fencing Practice. If such tidings should come to you, pray send them on to me at (If you would like Monday Update

Fencing Practice (9/26/2022)

Tonight, along with fencing practice, we had lively, impromptu, solo and choral renditions of a variety of songs. (No bards were harmed in the festivities.) Open bouts under Sir Tanaka‘s watchful eyes in the main room. In the smaller room, basic drills and instruction with Thora (in the Golden Rapier tabard). Next week is the Fencing Practice (9/26/2022)