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A Missive from Maestra Ana de Guzmán

Greetings, folk of the Shire,

I strained my left Achilles tendon last week, so I shall be cancelling the upcoming Hawthorne A&S gathering on Monday 01/09 because those stairs would not do me any favors at this time. The following Monday 01/16 is the MLK holiday observed. If my foot is up to it then, we shall have the meeting, but I shall keep you all briefed.

That said, someone had brought to my attention that there is a 5th Monday this month. Back in the mists of time when we met on Thursdays and there was a 5th Thursday, we would have a small party, with garb, period(ish) music, and light snacks (little meat pies, cakes and cookies and the like).

I don’t think there is enough recovery time from the holidays (never mind my foot) to put a 5th Monday together now, but looking at the calendar, I spy with my little eye that there are other 5th Mondays this year in the months of May, July, and October. May’s is the Memorial Day observed, July’s is during this year’s Pennsic land grab and “peace week.”

So that leaves October 30. More than enough time to plan a sweet little soiree, don’t you think? Let me know what you think of this, please.

At the service of your honors,

Ana de Guzmán, MoAS Shire of Rusted Woodlands