The End of an Era

Greetings to the Shire,

By the end of June, the meeting place that we have had for at least as long as I have been living in the shire (a combined total of 12 years) will be closing for good. The officers of the shire are now exploring leads to find a new place to gather to fight, fence, and have A&S classes and/or project sessions (and perhaps a better night to meet than Mondays).

The remaining Arts & Sciences meeting dates will be Mondays 05/22, 06/05, and 06/12. (The 19th is our wedding anniversary, so Wilhelm and I will be unavailable.) I was not given a hard date on the closure other than “the end of June,” so the 26th is not committed to.

As it stands, I have cut the fabric for the Queen’s favors, and will create little kits for those who want to pick them up. The kit will include the fabric pieces, copies of the instructions and the template for the charge (image) itself, and pattern tracing paper so that the image can be traced onto the fabric. The instructions will contain where you may send the finished favors.

At the service of your honors,

M. Ana de Guzmán, 

Minister of Arts and Sciences, Shire of Rusted Woodlands