Wanted! People who love the SCA!

Do you love the SCA enough to engage with people not in the Society? Can you describe or demonstrate what you love and what you do in the Society? Are you free any of these three weekends: September 9/10, September 16/17, and September 23/24? If the answer is yes, read on!

As part of the Sparta Ren Faire at Camp Sacajawea in September, we’re doing Demo Days! We get to show off the SCA and all its activities to a public that knows almost nothing about us. Whether you do Calligraphy, Illumination, Fiber Arts, Costuming, Archery, (Period) Fencing, Armoring, Metalwork, or Period Melee Combat, there’s room for you. We want people to say “Holy moly, that’s cool! Can I do that?”

As a volunteer exhibitor at the Sparta Ren Faire, you’re staff for the day and get in free! Additional bonuses: Tanaka will fix your armor, troubleshoot your fencing equipment, or even make you a bowstring as a demonstration of some of the cool things that SCA-folk do. Plus, Tanaka will do combat instruction for (or to) anyone who is interested!

To volunteer, please complete the interest form here so we can tell the staff at Camp Sacajawea who’s going to there when.

The site is dog-friendly as long as you don’t have CUJO for a pet. (Tanaka’s words, not mine.)